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We're sorry you missed our presentation "Your Business Book: Why You Want One and How to Get It Done." We had a great group in attendance with some awesome book ideas they are pursuing.

Please find below the outlne of our presentation. If you'd like to dig deeper into the subject, you are welcome to see our more detailed notes. Simply log in from the form on this page and you'll have instant access to the page. 

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Your Business Book: Why You Want One and How to Get It Done     
Who We Are:
Our experiences as writers and publishers
Why You Should Have a Biz Book: 
Personal reasons
Business reasons
Questions to ask before you get started:
Know what to expect
Pricing your book: 
Places where dollars are spent:
 Analyze choices
Places where time is spent:
What you can do yourself or not
Publishing Possibilities to meet publishing, time and budget goals:
Your options
Marketing suggestions if selling books beyond the back of room:
Free or low-cost publicity options
Other publicity options
Where to get book content:
What you already have
Brainstorm Book Ideas with Audience:


Don & Kate of Gnu Ventures

You can learn from our experience because we've tried a few publishing methods personally and have author friends who have tried a few more.

You are welcome to contact usif you have questions or comments that we haven't addressed in our notes or if you'd like us to give this presentation to your group. We're happy to talk to prospective authors of business books, local history books, niche topics, memoirs or whatever your group in interested in.

And best of luck in your own writing and publishing endeavors!


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